The People’s Opinion 2019

A view of London in the lead up to Brexit, with the uncertainty that lies ahead and the impact it will have on the capital, how on earth will we cope?

This is a humorous take on the visuals that mark this turn in history and illustrates the many debates and visions leading up to the leave at the end of March 2019.



From Graffiti Grannies to demonstrating dogs this pieces is packed with amusing and enjoyable ideas that will leave you charmed and entertained by Laura’s take on the upheaval of democracy and the British attitudes towards what can only be described as political turmoil.




What will become of the capital post Brexit? Coach trips to the seaside and a increase of grow your own allotments may be on the agenda!

You never know her majesty’s British Tomato industry may become the next gems in export!




The piece comes in two print sizes 50 x 100cm edition of 50 and 85 x 160cm edition of 20.