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Run Riot Run 2011

Run Riot Run 2011

113 x 113cm Framed

Hand Painted Print

Edition of 50




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Ritzy Extended

Ritzy Extended

Laura has a love of cities, the way they are constructed and operate acts as an inspiration for her creations. Paying acute attention to detail, in every viewing something else is waiting to be discovered. In ‘Ritzy Extended’ featured at the centre point is one of the queen’s guards playing on a double bass, as if he was busking. Tourist buys pigeon feed from a street vendor, the queen exits a black cab and a man commutes down with a Tesco bag parachute .  All of which capture the heart and soul of the city. Often in Laura’s work you will find iconic elements in situations less fitting than there usual surroundings.


This piece was created in 2011 

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